Kindergarten and Preschool

Our kindergarten Curriculum focuses on exceeding all primary school benchmarks. Children are nurtured to developing emerging skills and interests, as well as engage in co-curricular activities that will equip them for success in school.​

Our Kindergarten sessions allow flexibility so your child can attend any day, at any time. We work in partnership with local schools to develop your child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language abilities. Your child will graduate with us happy, confident and excited for their first year of school!

We pass on every Kinder dollar we get to our families and children.

It’s our commitment to low cost, high quality Preschool education.


Our Preschool and Kindergarten Games

Our Preschool and kindergarten games are designed to make learning enjoyable and enhance various developmental skills in young children. These games often involve interactive play, incorporating elements of creativity, cooperation, and basic academic concepts. Colourful and engaging activities like sorting games, puzzles, and imaginative play help preschoolers develop motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social interactions. In kindergarten, games may include more structured activities that reinforce early literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills. Both settings prioritise the use of games to create a fun and supportive learning environment, fostering a positive association with education and laying the foundation for academic success.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning games

Preschool and kindergarten learning games are carefully designed to make education enjoyable and foster key developmental skills. These interactive activities combine play with educational content to enhance cognitive abilities, fine and gross motor skills, and social interactions. Colour recognition, shape sorting, and basic counting games cater to preschoolers, laying the groundwork for early literacy and numeracy. In kindergarten, learning games become more structured, introducing concepts like phonics, basic maths operations, and problem-solving through engaging activities. These games create a positive and interactive learning environment, promoting a love for acquiring knowledge and building a strong foundation for further academic pursuits. Feel free to contact us at Academy for more information.

What is the Difference between Kindergarten and Preschool?

Kindergarten and preschool serve as early childhood education stages, but they differ in terms of age groups, curriculum, and goals. Preschool typically encompasses education for children aged 2 to 5 years, focusing on foundational skills such as socialisation, basic literacy, and numeracy through play-based learning. It provides a preparatory phase for formal schooling.

On the other hand, kindergarten is usually part of the formal education system and is specifically designed for children aged 5 or 6, serving as the initial year of primary education. Kindergarten builds upon preschool experiences, offering a more structured curriculum that includes academic elements like reading, writing, and basic maths skills.

In summary, preschool is an informal early learning stage for younger children, while kindergarten is the first formal year of primary education, marking the beginning of a more structured academic journey.

What is Learn and Play Kindergarten?

Learn and Play Kindergarten integrates education and play to create a dynamic and engaging early learning environment for children aged 5 or 6. This educational setting emphasises a balanced approach, fostering cognitive, social, and emotional development through interactive activities. Qualified educators guide children through age-appropriate lessons, introducing foundational concepts in literacy, numeracy, and basic skills. The curriculum combines structured learning with play-based experiences to enhance creativity and critical thinking. Learn and Play Kindergarten aims to instil a love for learning, preparing children for a smooth transition into formal education while promoting a positive attitude towards exploration and discovery. If you are looking for the best Preschool and Kindergarten, we at Academy are here for you!