Vacation Care at Academy of Early Education

Our Vacation/Before and After School Care program comes with free breakfast/afternoon tea and transportation. As one of the few providers of care for school-aged children in Sydenham, we can give you the flexibility to work and commute outside of regular school hours while your child continues to learn in a relaxed environment.

You’ll have the choice of taking up tutoring by our Teachers in the evening, fun activities and relaxation, or both! We’ll liaise directly with your Prep teacher to work on school homework, and with you to ensure we set your family up for a smooth transition home in the evening. ​

We also provide care for children up to 12 years on Pupil Free Days and School Holidays/Vacations. You can finally save your leave balance for important family time, rather than school closures!


What are the Vacation Care Activities in our Academy of Early Education?

Vacation Care activities offer a diverse range of engaging experiences for children, ensuring an enjoyable and enriching break from school routines. Exciting excursions to local attractions, museums, and parks provide opportunities for exploration and learning. Creative endeavours such as arts and crafts projects, music, and drama activities allow kids to express themselves and develop new skills. Sports and outdoor games promote physical activity and teamwork, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. Our Educational workshops and interactive sessions stimulate curiosity and knowledge in a playful manner. With a focus on inclusivity, Vacation Care activities cater to various interests and age groups, encouraging social interaction and the development of lasting friendships. The program is designed to be both entertaining and educational, offering a well-rounded experience that ensures children return from their break with cherished memories and newfound abilities.

Vacation Care for 12- Year Olds

We at Academy are here for you in providing Vacation care for 12 year olds. Vacation Care for 12-year-olds provides a dynamic and age-appropriate program to keep pre-teens engaged and entertained during school breaks. Tailored activities strike a balance between fostering independence and encouraging social interaction. Adventure-filled excursions to theme parks, museums, and recreational facilities offer opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. Creative workshops, such as arts and crafts, science experiments, and technology projects, cater to their growing interests and curiosity. Sports competitions and outdoor games promote physical activity, teamwork, and healthy competition. Educational sessions, including interactive learning experiences, aim to stimulate their minds and encourage a love for continued learning. With a focus on age-specific activities, Vacation Care for 12-year-olds provides a supportive environment where they can make new friends, develop life skills, and create lasting memories, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable holiday experience.